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Anytime System


Anytime System

The corporate catering revolution

Fully Automated Catering System

- Automated system from food ordering to delivery via QR Quode
- Easy and intuitive to use
- Works in 24/7 mode
- Resource control and savings
- Many other advantages


A satisfied employee is the company's greatest value. Good, fresh food is obviously a great contribution to well-being.
Employees can easily select the most suitable meal for them in our smartphone app. They can choose the meal they want at the most convenient time from the food storage and serving machine located at the location of your choice.

Earning as an employer and saving a lot

- optional in just 6 square metres, without any special and expensive premises, equipment and personnel.
- This appliance can hold more than 600 different dishes at once.Large capacity and kitchen
- Freshly prepared meals that can be stored for up to 5 days at a temperature of +2 - +4 °C under suitable conditions.
- The ANYTIME MEALS system works 24 hours a day to ensure the continuity of your work.
- Real-time control of employee catering resources and processes.
- SECOND CHANCE - A meal that is not collected in time can be offered to another employee or visitor.
- This system works according to the FIFO principle
- Opportunity to improve employees' health by monitoring and evaluating their eating habits and offering healthier meals

New catering opportunities

Companies with their own canteen or kitchen can only offer a limited selection of meals with a high level of personnel and technical costs.
The kitchen and its storage take up a lot of space.
The other option is to order hot meals from catering companies, which do not always deliver the food at the right time, often lack the necessary temperature for consumption, or sometimes have a one-way or meat-rich offer.
Unhappy employees and unnecessary worries for the employer. To solve these problems, ANYTIME MEALS is now available.

Tomorrow - Today

Only a space of about 6 square metres is needed for operation.
Staff requirements are very low in order to be able to offer employees a freely chosen meal at the right time.
We offer a next-generation catering system "ANYTIME MEALS" based on a simple and intuitive application that works in combination with a food storage and dispensing machine.


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