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Ethnic supermarket: J-Momo’s new project

JMomo 4 March 2024 0 comments

In our cities, it is becoming increasingly common to find various types of ethnic supermarket, with a wide and varied food offer that appeals not only to citizens from various parts of the world, but also to Italians who love international flavours. Depending on their size and the choices of the operators, ethnic supermarkets can range from a wide range of fresh products, characteristic of the culinary habits of different nations around the planet, or pre-packaged and exotic products. An example of this is Eathnico, located in the centre of Novara: a global supermarket offering a unique selection of ethnic products and proposing new offers and discounted prices every day, allowing expats or those who like to experiment with many different specialities to be introduced to our tradition, which is enriched with other tastes, fragrances and combinations to explore culinary cultures across geographical boundaries.

eathnico supermercato

Eathnico recently partnered with the company J-Momo, which specialises in micro markets, vending machines and other vending machines.

Ethnic products in the supermarket

Among the products of an ethnic supermarket like Eathnico, one can really find many different types of African, Asian, South American, but also Greek, Turkish, Middle Eastern or even typical Eastern European items. Often in an ethnic section of a supermarket dedicated to these genres, there are ready-made packages of typical first and main courses such as udon, noodles, ramen, Chinese dumplings with various fillings, empanadas, as well as pulses, herbs, spices and roots, different sauces and creams (soy, Mexican, guacamole, tahina, harissa, for example) and many drinks, including beers and sake. Plus typical desserts, numerous varieties of tea, herbal teas and infusions. Thanks to the new collaboration between Eathnico and J-Momo, you can now also buy food, condiments and much more from the supermarket’s automated vending machines and markets with ethnic products, ranging from savoury to sweet, for every moment of the day, according to your tastes and needs.

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