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Vending machines and their types: what you need to know

JMomo 28 February 2024 0 comments

This is no longer new. It is increasingly common to find vending machines of different types in various public places, from shared spaces in companies to corners dedicated to fairs, events, airports, train stations, bus stops and so on. Using these vending machines, available 24 hours a day and operating even without the direct and constant intervention of staff, one can purchase really anything. There are several types of vending machines, from those with hot and cold food and drinks to those with newspapers and magazines, cigarettes and much more. They operate through an integrated payment mechanism that can accept cash, credit or debit cards or other electronic payment methods. Once payment has been made, the customer can collect the products he or she has chosen from a special container.

Typologies of food vending machines

Apart from the specific type of vending machine to which they belong, vending machines are a practical and convenient solution to meet different needs and requirements. Some of the best known categories are the various types of food vending machines
When one is hungry or thirsty and has little time available either to prepare something for oneself – and perhaps lacks the available space – or to consume the meal, from breakfast to lunch to dinner, passing through snacks and refreshments – in a relatively short time, and then resume the activities in which one was engaged.

Coffee vending machine, bean and soluble

For coffee lovers, J-MOMO provides vending machines with coffee beans, to enjoy the taste and aroma of freshly ground beans, or soluble hot beverages including coffee, tea and chocolate, for a rejuvenating relaxation break. J-MOMO also supplies environmentally friendly compostable coffee pods for the vending machine.

h3 – Snack vending machine

Another popular type of vending machine is the one with savoury snacks. Those of J-MOMO are of high quality, produced by well-known and appreciated brands. The packages are specially designed for the snack vending machine, which makes them easy to dispense.

Ice cream vending machines

In the various food vending machine types handled by J-MOMO there is also the ice cream vending machine, available in different models and with different products, all very fresh and of high quality. You can also find Italian varieties made from excellent raw materials and with a creamy consistency that is typically homemade. And if you want to be lighter, there is no shortage of sorbets, the result of equally careful production and processing.

Non-food vending machine types: cigarettes and drugs

There are also other types of vending machines that in public spaces, in the absence of staff and during night and early morning hours, can provide the products that some customers are looking for. For example, cigarette vending machines, such as e-cigs, with the sale of related liquids, and pharmaceutical vending machines are increasingly in demand.

Cigarette vending machine

One of the most popular innovative vending machines in our cities is the vending machine for electronic cigarettes and liquids. These are vending machines which offer vape pens, refills, filters, atomisers, flavourings and various types of accessories and which store these products perfectly, being regulated according to the appropriate temperature.

Pharmaceutical vending machine

An automatic dispenser for pharmaceutical products can meet the demand of many customers who may need an over-the-counter medicine or other pharmacy products at times when the physical point of sale is closed, and others who want to purchase these items without queuing up and in a more discreet manner, being able to count on a quick, modern and reliable solution.

J-MOMO, based in Naples, designs spaces for vending machines and related types, with food and more. They are ideal solutions for corporate employees, gym goers or other public places, and people on the street who can buy the products they prefer without having to go to the supermarket, an in-house canteen, but also to the tobacconist’s and pharmacy, and without having to queue and wait for a delivery service.

J-MOMO realises the entire layout by supplying the various machines with products from well-known and historical brands, equipped with

hot food
cold food
ice cream
coffee and hot drinks
newspapers, magazines, books
much more.


Interested in learning more about vending machines and various types you could install at your company or business?

Contact the J-MOMO staff.

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