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J-MOMO’s healthy food dishes for vending machines.

JMomo 30 October 2021 0 comments

J-MOMO’s healthy food dishes for vending machines. The collaboration between J-MOMO and a renowned manufacturer of healty and gluten-free dishes has been born. With this new product line J-MOMO will be able to satisfy the requests received from pharmacies, gyms, private clinics and wellness centres all over Italy.
J-MOMO first courses can become unique dishes, depending on the quantity and quality of the ingredients included, according to the rules of the health dish.
We can establish the dosages and we can customise them according to the needs of the end customer according to the scheme indicated by the doctor or dietician.
In this way, every day those who consider it necessary can book the menu they want at the facility where one of our vending machines is located. And every day they will find it fresh and ready to use.

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