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H24 outlets, how to open one?

JMomo 6 July 2022 0 comments

H24 outlets, how to open one?
Opening a h24 self-service automatic catering outlet in franchising with a company that directly produces Italian ready meals, in an artisanal manner and above all with quality raw materials, means making a difference. J-MOMO’s h24 can offer hot dishes in less than 3 minutes thanks to the high technology of its vending machines developed especially for the company.
J-MOMO sets up automatic restaurants for gyms with healthy ready meals, calibrated ready meals for private clinics, traditional Italian ready meals for all cooked directly in its centralised kitchen. Fresh ready meals because they are specially prepared to the customer’s order.
But that’s not all, a wide range of snack sandwiches and sandwiches for vending, soft drinks, wines, beers complete the range of products offered by J-MOMO for the vending world.
The main characteristic of these self-service activities is the reduced, or almost non-existent, use of labour.
The use of 24-hour franchising, as is often repeated, reduces the entrepreneurial risk.



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