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For us at J-MOMO, being close to people and entrepreneurs

JMomo 11 July 2022 0 comments

For us at J-MOMO, being close to people and entrepreneurs means understanding local realities and meeting the needs of all customers.
Many different I-Eat and J-MOMO h24 outlets, from the largest cities to the smallest villages, with different solutions for grocery shopping or for lunch or dinner: from the complete and always convenient assortment of quality products, to the shopping on the doorstep with our vending machines.
We always listen to our customers to meet their needs with a wide range of products and services.
With our network of outlets and our members, we have become a constant point of reference.
We work every day to provide timely and diversified answers to the many needs of our customers, all united by the quality of the offer, convenience in shopping and a strong focus on private label and fresh produce.
Our offer is articulated in a multiplicity of distribution channels: we are present throughout the country with different sales formats and we preside over large and small cities, historical centres and suburbs, urban and rural contexts in a capillary manner.