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Automatic restaurants and ready meals from J-MOMO

JMomo 26 January 2022 0 comments

Automatic restaurants and ready meals from J-MOMO
The Campania-based start-up IV&C – Italiana vending & catering srl has developed and designed fully-automated restaurants and markets that can churn out a steaming hot dish ready to be enjoyed in seconds, complete with cutlery and napkins. An app is also being developed that will allow customers to book lunch and dinner by choosing from the menu, and have it delivered to their company in J-MOMO vending machines or smart lockers. J-MOMO’s automatic restaurants are able, thanks to the high technology offered, to replace small and large company canteens.
IV&C, owner of the J-MOMO brand for the vending sector, has already signed important partnerships in Austria and France for the development of automatic restaurants and markets. The first one in Paris is already up and running, with nine more to follow, and the first one in Einstadt, Austria, is due to open at the end of January. An agreement with a Belgian company for the development of franchising in Belgium and Luxembourg is currently being finalised.

Totally artisanal ready meals made with carefully selected raw materials from small, niche producers, and produced in J-MOMO’s centralised kitchen with the help of well-known and less well-known chefs who have signed off on the recipes. This is how J-MOMO wanted to define the identity of these new dishes designed for Vending right from the start, characterised by traditional dishes, craftsmanship and traditional Italian recipes. All the flavours of the past in traditional dishes and new flavours with dishes and recipes from young chefs in Modified Atmosphere (ATM) or frozen. The ready-made dishes will be available in J-MOMO’s automatic restaurants but can also be requested by vending companies.

A flood of constantly updated recipes and menus
Italian tradition comes first. A great deal of importance is attached to traditional Italian cuisine from all regions with dishes ranging from classic tortellini to fish. All made in an artisanal way with handmade pasta. Every season with new menus to always have fresh, or rather very fresh, products. With a touch of creativity from the J-MOMO chefs, which doesn’t hurt.

All the goodness of J-MOMO’s ready meals in vending machines
All J-MOMO’s ready meals, besides being good to be used in bars, are conceived and developed to be served by automatic restaurants conceived and designed by IV&C srl. Hotels, companies, schools, tourist villages and for all those who are forced to eat out and want quality. In addition to traditional recipes, balanced single dishes are also available on request. . The advantages are many for both companies and consumers: firstly, ease of consumption, thanks to specially designed packaging that includes a disposable fork. Secondly, it is a product with a standard weight and a single portion that satisfies all tastes and all palates.

The ready meals add to the wide range of products offered by the Campania-based company, which presents itself to vending machines with a line of products designed for vending machines. In addition to the line of J-MOMO ready meals produced in its own laboratory, the company markets a complete line of products such as sandwiches for vending machines, sandwiches for vending machines and pastries, each ingredient of which is fresh and selected.

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