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J-MOMO arrives in Palinuro and chooses the shopping street

JMomo 22 December 2021 0 comments

J-MOMO arrives in Palinuro and chooses the shopping street and Palinuro by night for the opening of a fully automated restaurant bar. J-MOMO’s line of vending machines is characterised by the originality of the vending and innovative products offered.

In fact, J-MOMO products are characterised by a great attention to quality, they are offered with a modern and attractive design studied in detail to enhance the craftsmanship and quality and to meet the appreciation of Italian customers.

J-MOMO arrives in Palinuro and stops on the main street to welcome tourists and locals!

After the openings in Paris and Einstadt in Austria, J-MOMO will open its first automatic restaurant bar in Campania in the heart of Cilento, in a very popular place.

Palinuro, a bit of history

Palinuro (a hamlet of Centola) is one of those places that have always fascinated travellers of all ages.
The rocky promontory jutting out into the sea with its beauty, but also with its pitfalls for ancient sailors, inspired the poet Virgil to write the passage in the Aeneid in which he recounts the death of Aeneas’s helmsman, Palinuro, after whom the Cilento town is named.

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