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Cigarette vending machine: what to know

JMomo 2 February 2024 0 comments

Would you be interested in installing a cigarette vending machine, but you do not know how to do it and what you need to have it? As explained by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, you first need authorisation for the installation of a cigarette vending machine and, more generally, a vending machine dedicated to the sale of monopoly goods. To this end, the person who appears as the owner of the vending machine must make a special application accompanied by a revenue stamp of EUR 14.62 and send it to the regional office of the AAMS (Amministrazione autonoma monopoli di Stato) competent for the territory. The request must indicate the personal details of the applicant (first name, surname and personal address), who must be the owner of the retail outlet. It is also necessary to indicate the distances between the place of installation and the nearest retailers if the cigarette vending machines are located within public services in the area of commercial interest of the retailer, at a distance of more than 10 metres from the retailer itself.

Electronic Cigarette and E-cig Liquids Vending Machines

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are those devices that do not emit smoke, but a light aerosol (in the latest models, barely visible) and give off aromas of different flavours, fruity, citrusy or other. In Italy, the market for this type and all the accessories that revolve around it, starting with liquids (nicotine-based or nicotine-free, made with other substances), is growing steadily, hand in hand with that of electronic cigarette vending machines. It is a flourishing sector especially in cities and in general in those places where the hectic and timeless lifestyle favours quick and fast shopping, consumption and payment. Electronic cigarette liquid vending machines can contain vape pens, refills, filters, atomisers, flavourings and various types of accessories that can be bought with cash, credit cards, QR codes and more. A good electronic cigarette vending machine is also recognisable because it is set at an appropriate temperature to maintain proper refrigeration and thus store the product optimally.

J-MOMO is the start-up that has developed fully automated restaurants and markets, which can be installed in companies, offices, residential complexes, indoors and outdoors and anywhere there is a power outlet.

The company, based in Naples, designs spaces with its vending machines, including cigarette vending machines and electronic cigarette liquid vending machines.

J-MOMO creates the entire layout by supplying the various machines, including cigarette vending machines and electronic cigarette liquid vending machines with quality products and brands. The brand also handles other vending machines with hot meals, medicines, ice cream, books, newspapers, coffee, hot drinks and much more.

Are you interested in installing a cigarette vending machine, electronic cigarette vending machine or other vending machine at your business or company?

Contact the J-MOMO team.

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