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Vending machine energy consumption: what you need to know

JMomo 13 February 2024 0 comments

Who is responsible for paying for vending machine energy consumption? It tends to be borne by the entity, company or corporation hosting the machines with drinks and hot food, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and related liquid, and much more. This is, of course, unless otherwise agreed between entities that hire or purchase vendor machines and suppliers. It is difficult to determine how much vending machine energy consumption can amount to. 

The final expense depends on a number of factors including: 

– the size of the vending machine (usually, the bigger the machine, the more it consumes);

– the type of products supplied: those that have to be heated or kept at low temperatures consume more;

– the technology and mode of operation: those of the latest generation are more energy efficient and therefore consume less. 

Vending machine energy consumption and advantages 

In recent times, with inflation, international conflicts and high living costs, electricity bills have increased. Those who have to run a shop or business open 24 hours a day have to take these aspects into account and evaluate possible vending machine energy consumption. It has to be said, however, that new generation machines make it possible to save on utility costs, so, all factors being equal, with the favourable elements the energy consumption of a vending machine does not have an excessive impact on monthly expenses. 

The most avant-garde machines are the photovoltaic powered vending machines in Italy: for a significant initial investment, these machines reduce expenses and environmental impact. Solar-powered vending machines, as well as more traditional vending machines, can be installed in shops and shopping centres, as well as in places where there is a constant flow of people, such as train, bus and airport stations, schools, universities, companies, stadiums, cinemas, theatres, and transit areas of various kinds. 

J-MOMO is the start-up that has developed fully automated restaurants and markets, which can be installed in companies, offices, residential complexes, indoors and outdoors and anywhere there is an outlet. 

J-MOMO vending machines can dispense a wide variety of items with systems that are perfectly adapted to each type of product, be it food or non-food. They are fully configurable and extremely easy to manage to assist the vendor in all his choices. management software even remotely for vending machines.

The brand, based in Naples, also designs spaces with its vending machines that are ideal for company employees, frequenters of gyms or other public places, and people on the street who can buy the products they prefer without having to go to a supermarket or an in-house canteen and wait in line for a delivery service or to buy cigarettes, both classic and electronic, and their liquids. 

J-MOMO realises the entire layout by supplying the various machines with products from well-known and historical brands. The brand also handles other vending machines with hot meals, medicines, cigarettes, books, newspapers, coffee, hot drinks and much more. 

Are you interested in learning more about the energy consumption of a vending machine and would you like to install a vending machine in your business or company? 

Contact the J-MOMO staff for information, quotes and assistance.

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