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The automatic restaurants of J-MOMO

JMomo 10 November 2021 0 comments

The automatic restaurants of J-MOMO

J-MOMO is the first Italian restaurant in which people interact only with tablets and digital tools: there are no waiters or human staff in the dining room.
Who knows; in the meantime, J-MOMO, which was born about two years ago from the idea of the entrepreneur Maurizio Caggiano from the restaurant and food sector, is having a good success, so much so that it has already doubled its presence with the same sign, always at “Smart2go”, a market with a fully automated restaurant, where you can find all the products of a supermarket or enjoy an excellent dish prepared by the centralised kitchen of J-MOMO at any time of day or night.
How does it work? It’s very simple: when you enter, you can choose a dish from a menu that can be consulted with a touch screen which, for each course, reveals the calories, proteins and possibly allergens – such as gluten – it contains.
Once the order has been placed, paying by credit card, cash or mobile phone, the automatic restaurant in about 90 seconds dispenses the steaming hot ready meal with all the accessories such as cutlery and napkins. A rich menu that satisfies all palates, ranging from side dishes to main courses, desserts and ice cream, which can also be viewed at Everything is handcrafted, prepared by J-MOMO’s chefs and, above all, fresh. It is while tasting the dish that you realise that behind that steaming plate there is a brigade of chefs and pastry chefs who cook for you and work to exacting standards.
The fields of application are among the most diverse, from company canteens to hotels, outdoors or shops, resorts. Clinics for which J-MOMO has designed and prepared balanced meals.

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