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J-momo for La Scala Theatre in Milan

JMomo 16 November 2023 0 comments

The Teatro alla Scala of Milan, a jewel of art and culture, is one of the world’s most prestigious and renowned opera houses. 

Founded in 1778, its centuries-long history is characterised by memorable performances and a significant influence on the international music and theatre scene. Every production at La Scala is an extraordinary experience, a combination of artistic talent and passionate audiences.

The management of La Scala presented an innovative request: the creation of a 24/7 in-house restaurant-bar. 

This ambitious project is based on an analysis of the average attendance, taking into account the different time slots and the needs of a diverse audience. 

With 900 employees and an additional 300 spectators during performances, the restaurant-bar not only meets the practical needs of the theatre employees, but also becomes a convivial space for anyone wishing to enjoy a coffee or breakfast.

teatro scala milan

teatro scala milan

The vending machines, a key element of the project, are capable of dispensing 100 full meals every half hour. This is crucial, especially considering the fact that many spectators are used to eating meals even after midnight. 

The cooperation with J-MOMO‘s centralised kitchen ensures the daily preparation of high-quality ready meals, which are delivered on time to Teatro alla Scala.

Special attention is paid to food inclusivity, with vending machines designed to meet the needs of coeliacs, vegans and vegetarians. This approach aims to offer a wide range of food options that reflect the diversity of Teatro alla Scala’s audience.

In conclusion, the implementation of a 24/7 restaurant-bar at Teatro alla Scala represents not only a response to practical needs, but also an opportunity to create a welcoming and convivial space, further enriching the cultural experience offered by this extraordinary performance venue.

teatro alla scala of milan

teatro alla scala of milan

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