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An innovative hotel concept: J-MOMO transforms the guest experience

JMomo 26 October 2023 0 comments

For those who want a completely relaxing and peaceful holiday, booking a hotel is always the perfect choice, because it guarantees maximum comfort at your fingertips.

But what if this stay could be made even more comfortable, satisfying the demands of both guests and hoteliers?
Travelers are increasingly looking for unique experiences and customised services to make their holiday unforgettable. In parallel, hoteliers seek to constantly improve the experience of their guests and, at the same time, increase the efficiency of their facilities.

In this combination of desires, innovative solutions are emerging that go far beyond traditional hospitality.
New technologies and cutting-edge services arise to better meet guests’ expectations, transforming hotels into true refuges of luxury and comfort.

This evolution is the secret to ensuring an even more pleasant stay, where everything is at your fingertips, allowing guests to enjoy a unique experience and hoteliers to reach new levels of customer satisfaction.

The Smart Fridge: a state-of-the-art service

When we talk about innovation, we cannot fail to refer to J-MOMO, which has come up with a revolutionary concept for accommodation facilities, offering a unique service for their guests. This innovative project focuses on a flexible and modular wall designed to make guests’ shopping experience engaging and cutting-edge. At the center of this solution is the ‘smart fridge‘.

Thanks to the project developed by J-MOMO, guests are able to use their room card to unlock the smart fridge and select the desired products. Once the refrigerator is closed again, the system automatically records the list of purchases, associating them directly with their room. At check-out, the total amount can be easily verified through an online platform and then integrated into the room bill.

This system offers great flexibility to accommodations, allowing them to include a wide range of products in the smart fridge, from breakfast to ready meals, beverages of all kinds and even non-food items useful for the stay. In this way, establishments can increase their profitability and reduce their fixed costs by providing a unique, guaranteed 24/7 service with high security standards. Furthermore, in some situations, the smart fridge can successfully replace the traditional minibar.

For facilities that wish to offer a broader range of services, the smart wall can be further customised. For example, you can add a Franke or Dr. Coffee super-automatic coffee machine, which offers fresh ground coffee, with different payment options. In addition, it is possible to integrate room temperature display cabinets, an ice cream refrigerator and other equipment, depending on the specific needs of the establishment.

All solutions offered by J-MOMO are carefully designed to be sustainable and ensure a low-energy impact. These innovations are not only limited to hotels, but extended successfully throughout the Ho.Re.Ca. business.
J-MOMO offers a complete service, from design to the supply of spare parts, with warehouses distributed throughout the country.

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