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J-MOMO the Italian startup revolutionising the world of vending and catering

JMomo 13 April 2022 0 comments

J-MOMO the Italian startup revolutionising the world of vending and catering

J-MOMO is the startup that has developed fully automated restaurants and markets. They can be installed in companies, offices, residential complexes, indoors and outdoors and wherever there is a power outlet. With J-MOMO’s automated restaurant markets you can buy hot meals as well as do your shopping in an immediate and automated way, without having to go to the supermarket or use a delivery service or in-house canteen in the case of a company. Capable of serving meals to companies with more than 100 employees, as well as offices, gyms or simply on the street. J-MOMO designs and develops the entire layout providing the various machines needed and preparing the meals in its own centralised kitchen.
A delivery service provided directly by J-MOMO or the operator delivers the meals and places them in the vending machines.
The startup takes care of the entire technological process, from hardware and software development to the installation of the vending machines. Thanks to an app dedicated to the customer and a dashboard for the supplier, it is able to manage, deliver and replenish customers on a daily basis with a quality offer, functional to the needs of the target audience in the location.
For companies and corporate caterers, J-MOMO’s technology automatically recognises the products picked up and charges them to its payment means in the case of prepaid corporate cards.
This model has already been successful in the US and China, while in Europe there are still few players in this sector, a factor that makes the market in Italy and the rest of the EU particularly scalable for J-MOMO.
J-MOMO aims to triple its presence in Italy. Expansion plans are also in place abroad, with the strengthening of existing channels in the UK, the US and Austria, and the opening of new ones in France and Switzerland. An arrival in the Middle East is also being studied.
Technology – The company has developed the technology in-house and is in the process of obtaining a patent. J-MOMOs are RFID-enabled and connected to a cloud-based platform.
The supermarket or restaurant at your fingertips – The company, during the Covid-19 quarantine, proposed the first “condo supermarket” by installing smart vending machines also in apartment complexes, allowing residents to avoid long lines outside supermarkets. J-MOMO vending machines and markets can also be installed in offices and gyms with ad-hoc food selections.
Highly skilled team – The team is led by Andrea Caggiano, a serial entrepreneur and founder of several startups, and consists of 14 employees with a mix of experience in startups and multinational companies.




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