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McDonald’s vending machine

JMomo 16 February 2024 0 comments

Have you already heard of McDonald’s and its vending machine restaurant? Surely you have seen public places where there is at least one vending machine with various types of hot and cold food. If you think about it, even for a lunch break on the fly, for a snack when your stomach is churning and the meal is still far away or if you are late at night at the office, quickly buying a hamburger, a typical sandwich such as a ciabatta, but also a focaccia or a puccia salentina with a tasty filling is ideal for satiating yourself and wasting little time if you are in a hurry. Well, in January 2023, the famous fast food chain McDonald’s also presented an automated restaurant format. The restaurant, in which there is no staff, has been opened in North Texas. Orders are placed through touch screens by customers who then consume the food elsewhere. But the real innovation lies in the distribution of the products to the customers by means of a type of automatic machine that distributes burgers and that you can also find in Italy.

Texas McDonald’s

Like the classic McDonald’s outlets that you will be familiar with, similar to most fastfood outlets, the new automatic restaurant of the Stars and Stripes chain also offers a drive-through service. The food purchased, therefore, is picked up autonomously, ordered via an app and picked up through a robotic delivery system. The automatic service of Texas McDonald’s, in any case, concerns the purchase of food, but not the kitchen, where burgers, sandwiches, fries and whatever else is still prepared manually by ad hoc employees.

Do you know J-MOMO? The brand, based in Naples, is the company that has developed fully automated restaurants and markets, which can be installed in companies, offices, residential complexes, indoors and outdoors and anywhere there is an outlet.

Its vending machines include those made by some well-known companies specialising in the production of high-quality sandwiches, hamburgers, sandwiches and sandwiches. The suppliers of the Campania-based brand use excellent raw materials from small, selected producers. The baking is done in-house, using artisanal techniques.

McDonald’s sandwiches in J-Momo are available in different flavours and varieties, both traditional and gourmet. The product range includes sandwiches, sandwiches and snacks. In addition, there are numerous products specially designed for vending machines and vending machines, packaged to guarantee freshness and quality right up to the moment of consumption.

J-MOMO designs spaces and supplies vending machines comprising different types of automatic machines:

– cigarette vending machines
– electronic cigarette liquid vending machines
– hot meal vending machines
– medicines vending machines
– vending machines for ice cream, books, newspapers, coffee, hot drinks and more.

Would you be interested in doing like McDonald’s and installing a vending machine at your business?

Contact the J-MOMO team.

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