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How much does it cost to open a vending machine

JMomo 28 February 2024 0 comments

If you are an entrepreneur and you are interested in investing in a profitable, low-risk business, you might consider vending machines that offer a little bit of everything, from an automated restaurant to the sale of

– hot drinks
– snacks
– electronic cigarettes
– ice creams
– pharmaceutical products.

A first question that many people rightly ask is how much it costs to open a vending machine.

Costs vary depending on several factors, including the size of the vending machine, the supply required, the location of the outlet, the type of products to be offered and other logistical factors. To understand how much it costs to open a vending machine business, one must also consider:

– installation costs
– routine maintenance
– assistance in case of emergency
– operating costs (purchase or rental of space, user, taxes, insurance…).

How much does it cost to open a vending machine shop

Opening or managing a space with vending machines requires a careful and accurate preliminary analysis to plan the business correctly and strategically. Therefore, understanding how much it costs to open a 24-hour vending machine shop is crucial to avoid biting off more than you can chew, and to achieve satisfactory results by honouring necessary commitments and tasks.
Consider that, on average, for a vending machine the average cost could range from 2,000 up to 5,000-6,000 euros. What makes the cost vary are the specific characteristics of the vending machine, its functionality, the software installed, the hardware components, any customisation, just to list a few parameters. If you are wondering how much it costs to open a café with vending machines, you should tend to set aside a minimum initial budget of around 15,000-20,000 euros. You should also take into account, as anticipated, the costs related to permits, licenses, bureaucratic requirements, professional advice, utilities and other costs related to the premises when present, marketing initiatives and communications, supplies of goods, maintenance, insurance, video surveillance and remote monitoring and much more.

In addition to assessing how much it costs to open a venue with vending machines, which is also open 24 hours a day, it must be said that, once the initial investment phase is over, vending machines require relatively few operating expenses. Therefore, with efficient and prudent management, self-generated revenue and a high profit margin can be achieved. A vending machine and reasonable prices of the products offered for sale provide customers with a quick and convenient purchasing solution, without the need to interact with a cashier or other employee or queue in a shop.

Are you familiar with J-MOMO? It is a well-known start-up based in Naples that has developed fully automated markets and restaurants that can be installed in companies, offices, residential complexes, indoors and outdoors, and anywhere there is an outlet.

J-MOMO realises the entire layout by supplying the various machines with products of various kinds from well-known and established brands. Its vending machines are stocked with hot meals, medicines, cigarettes, books, newspapers, coffee, hot drinks and much more.

Interested in knowing how much it costs to open a 24-hour vending machine shop to start a new business or take over an existing one?

Contact the J-MOMO team.

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